I know why they say leave it on time!

About me.. I aint just another girl! I like to believe I am different, riding life with a lot of passion. A list of To-Do’s in my pocket I walk the roads of life.

Corporate life for 3 years which I say was fun.Nevertheless  came to an end,thanks to the society I am from(arghhhhh).From what I see my checklist has one item dropped. Voila I have work experience now. So what’s next?

I baked for the first time. 😀 But wait, this wasn’t in my wish list, how did it get there?

Coming back to the typical Indian family scenario, I was always told to learn cooking and baking so I can please my future family. I hate kitchen(la cuisine)picked it from my French class. I was 25 but no knowledge on how to switch on the stove and boil water.

My mom is one the best cooks I have seen and my sister is a passionate baker.It was easy to make friends anywhere using my lunch dabba 😉

I was always told to see and learn from my mom and sister. I was never too bothered or had any flair for cooking.

Once after I had quit work, I wanted to do something. You know that something, the one that kills you inside, because their is this urge to think, to do something, time is ticking off. ufff .I have these moments since I quit work and idle away time.

Well it was that time I fumbled into a website “laurainthekitchen” OMG what an amazing cook she is! I was so inspired to see her passion for cooking and the love and pride she has for her culinary skills, I decided to try my luck in baking. Voila there was my first marble cake I was so proud of my accomplishment.



It was close to perfect I say 😉 but I will always remember that was my first day in the kitchen and this is my first cake which I baked.





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