Freedom is my right!

I live in a country in a city amongst a society were practicing our freedom completely is a taboo.

My thoughts, my feelings, my passion, my quest to find myself, my likes and dislikes. Too much of “my”? Is this called being selfish? I guess this is what I am tagged as! Its fun to be in a crowd, but there is peace in solitude. I believe balance is good for Life!

I love waking up early in the mornings taking my sisters cycle and going around, exploring the locality where I live. I live here yet every time I feel and see something different or new, maybe its just my approach to want to see and feel . Sometimes its just the feel of cold fresh morning breeze under your hair or the fresh smell of a new morning. Ahh.. whatever it is I just love it. Not to forget another feeling, the awful feel of “pollution” in my city which is increasing. Its a feeling too. I do feel lazy to ride a cycle but when I am back from my ride, I feel energetic, excited, a small thing like cycle can change my mood.

I have been pondering over this when I realized that its not just the cycle ride or the morning breeze that wakes me up, but its the freedom. The freedom to explore, to find something new, to feel something fresh, sometimes I get lucky but sometimes its the regular grocery shopping. Nevertheless I enjoy the whole ride.

I not only feel lucky about having a cycle to ride but the most important element “freedom”. Society I belong to does not encourage all  this. Being a girl here is no easy, it did not come to me easily either. I had to do my convincing, drama etc. But always grateful to god for having got this chance.

I am sure you may be wondering why I described my cycle ride and elaborated on such a simple thing. Well I wish to bring the whole thought, that something as simple as riding a cycle can bring so much fun, joy and happiness. Yet there are few unfortunates who are not allowed and are restricted by families and societies from practicing these simple freedoms. Keep aside all the materials of the world; keep aside your freedom. No material can be enjoyed without freedom. Our freedom is our right!


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