Drive away the yin

Well I am just back from driving away all the yin in me. Feeling light and bright now. Life my friends is a roller coaster ride with all the ups and down. I call it ECG of existence. We love it when it is up but the contrast is depressing.

Those times when you are having grey days, the biggest element which brings light is “Patience“. Hold on to patience. You will get your share of joy sooner or later. But what one has to be careful about is the negative vibes which flow in us during these days. This can make a smart man look a fool, a brave man a coward. Holding on fine at this phase of time is what is called winning the battle.

Next element which comes after patience is “Acceptance”. Accept the situation you are in. Even if it means you have lost something or it has gone away. There isn’t much you can do about it. Now it has become a part of you, so learn from it. This certainly does not mean you are a loser.It means you have to go back to square one and redo it by not repeating the same mistakes and work your way up again. Melancholy will not bring it back, so deal with it or face it with courage.

As they say faith and anger are just two sides of the same coin. You are angry with god only because you have faith in him. Remember faith is always tested,hence stand firm. When you succeed in your faith, you get the best. If you cant hold on, you have lost it all.


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