The pen has been lifted and the pages are dry

Recently I came across this phrase “Don’t grieve over the past, because their is nothing much you can do, as the pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.” Yes I am referring to one’s fate. Every time I am at the midst of my emotions, pondering over all my past actions with what if, why not, when, which is totally unnecessary. I remember the above phrase. It is a very strong line, which motivates me and helps sustain my faith. There is definitely a ‘positive source’-GOD who has sent us with our story already written and organized it beautifully with various chapters. I like reading biographies and autobiographies, where I always wondered how perfectly the author has categorized the stages of life. It is so perfect, the sequence of events happening. Can a human plan this ?

Last night I slept with a list of things planned but when I woke up in the morning, to my surprise their was a power shutdown owing to the thunderstorm in city. I couldn’t blog nor was I able to execute my plan. Well coming to the point, God had planned something for me. As a result to the power cut, I had to do things which I have been procrastinating. Most of the time I would get irritated because things didn’t go the way I planned. However this time I realized God’s play and took it as an opportunity. Our actions are already written!

Its best to be flexible and take life a bit easy. Yesterday was past ,tomorrow is mystery but today is a gift. That’s why its called “present”-courtesy Kung Fu Panda.

This does not mean we sit back and watch our life, thinking all our actions will happen as planned or we get what we are destined to. No but what I am trying to explain is you may want an orange fruit but life will throw lemons at you. This is destined and you cant change but you can  throw away the lemons or you can make lemonade out of it!


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