When all you have is time & more time!

Well I wanted to check what people generally do when they have free time? By time I mean, time for yourself. When nothing is scheduled for days. It can be a blessing or a nightmare.Will you love it or hate it?

For all those of you who love it,enjoy it! You can party late, watch movies, shop, friends, sleepover, read, paint, go for social gatherings,workout/exercise etc. Its like reliving childhood days but in a grown up way.

For those who vote the latter. What can you do with so much time?

At first you may do the regular chores like organize your wardrobe, clean your room, house, garden. This is exhausting so you may relax and make yourself a wonderful meal. You can cook, bake-breads, cakes or any sweets. If you are a pro you will be done in minutes, but if you are new at it, this will take half your day. When you have nothing scheduled remember, this is the time you can take care your health and body. So if you have any favourite sport cling to it or try a leisure walk.

Not to forget,occasionally trying to meet friends, family, old colleagues will do good. This is the time you have,to spend with people you like.One should make use of it.Next you can go back to old times, and try your old hobbies. I love sewing bags, I spend majority of time making them.If you don’t have an old hobby, don’t worry enroll for a class or learn something you always wanted to try through online videos/blogs. Who knows you may discover a new you. Last and my favourite, Reading!


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