We make wrong decisions when we are angry

If there is happiness and tranquility there is also anger and frustration. Anger which normally leads to frustration is a  result of anxiety. When we worry a lot, let me put it another way.When we are anxious about a result,the mind worries since it tries to analyze the outcome. It tries to achieve something which is beyond human capacity.When the mind rationalizes and fails to be accurate, fear takes over. A man’s  biggest enemy is ‘his fear for failure’. This whole process leads to frustration and anger, as a result one can get depressed and dwell on negativity.Hence one does not like to take any amount of risk, and plays safe.

Say in a day’s course, I over sleep as I result I have to rush to work.I quickly get ready to leave, just to find out my dad has borrowed my car.I have to either wait for him to return or catch a local train/auto.Some how I manage to reach office just to find my boss has arranged a meeting and I am late by 15 minutes. The awkwardness in joining the group late and catching up ,top it up you are asked for an update/input. Sigh…Its just a day, but these two hours have been a nightmare.Most important point being one blames individuals, rather than aspects of a situation, for problems.Eg. I oversleep,blame my family for not checking on me.Dad borrowed car,I am frustrated at him for taking my car.Woah can’t my colleagues help postpone the meeting or least wait for me? Its basically the timing of events.But we human love blaming other people and show our frustration on them,thus inviting trouble for ourselves.Imagine the decisions I take in this due course and compare them with just a casual regular day.

Its easy to say then done “Stay Calm” because anger and frustration is an illness which grows to bring only misery and sadness.Least we can do is, when angry, think 100 times(hypothetically..) before implying it.Because we are responsible for all our actions!


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