Arragonce is Earned…

Heroes in their field!

Heroes in their field!

Being a great fan of Sherlock Holmes , I have always wondered if he was like this from the start and later grew up to become “The Sherlock Holmes” or is it that he is Sherlock Holmes the famous detective around the world, which has made him this confident, arrogant,smart and not to forget remarkable handsome! 😉

Since childhood,I have always wanted to be someone like Sherlock or Dr.House and the one bagging the first place in my list “Harvey” from Suits. It’s not their professions that fascinates me, but their minds.They all have one thing in common “Attitude”. They are all focused. Their theories and judgements are always right, thus their actions bring the exact outcome. We have seen these master minds fail, yet they are always remembered for winning. If they fail, they own it, they nail it,never repeat it. They walk like winners, boasting their victory and chin held up with arrogance. Man..I have always adored each one of them.

Wait did I say, I adored them for their attitude and arrogance? but isn’t this right  ‘The best of man, is he, who is humble’? Then why do we enjoy these men and look up to them. No doubt they excel in what they do, but does this give them room for arrogance?

Irony is arrogance is one of the negative qualities in these people like for most of us, but this quality is shadowed by their positives. They have conquered fear,they are always willing to take a chance, to try, to fight. They believe in themselves more than anything in this world and always do what their gut feeling says. They have never feared failure, or thought of it. I do not know if these heroes are only a fiction character, or if they actually exist. It’s their attitude, style, courage, selflessness and most important love for their job, that has defined them. It doesn’t matter if they are arrogant , because they have earned it. At the end we are not remembered for our arrogance or charm, but we are for our Work!


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