What I saw in discovery channel today

Pardon me.. I have been traveling lately, hence I couldn’t update my blog.

The below image is what we normally see or hear of in the wild . The Predator vs the Victim.

Lion chasing a Zebra

Lion chasing a Zebra

Nature is beautiful.

When I switched on the tv this morning, first thing that caught my attention is this.

Zebra chasing a leopard.

Zebra chasing a leopard.

Next, I fumbled upon this page http://yoursuccessinspirer.com/2014/11/10/how-to-defeat-a-giant-in-a-fight/

The irony being, carnivorous animals are the giants, they are the predators.But nature is marvelous. Zebra did not chase the leopard for hunting, but it did so, to protect its calf. A mother can go any extreme to protect its child. In other times we have seen a leopard hunt a zebra easily, however because of the leopard’s height and petite structure the zebra which is a herbivorous took advantage and chased the wild animal.

This proved two points. First, everyone has a weakness. Besides being a ferocious wild animal due to its built the zebra was able to chase the leopard. Second, is inner strength. Had it been a normal hunt the zebra would have tried to out run the leopard. Since it had to protect its calf, it brought out all its inner strength and chased the leopard courageously.

Lets take this scenario in humans. We always crib about our negatives to God. What we forget is god has given the best and the worst in every individual. eg.Leopards are wild animals but they are small and petite (this helps them to climb trees easily). On the other side zebra’s are herbivorous animals, yet they are tall and well built. It is upon us to bring out our strength and put away our weakness, so as to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


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