If old is gold what is new?

Its true, Time changes everything. Change is inevitable. It may be good or bad, people change, places change, things change. Time flies and humans blend in to adapt with the change. In my recent traveling to Dubai, I observed, the city has one of the best landscapes in the world.Dubai is one of the luxurious cities, I have been to ( I spotted a cayenne limo in the road 😀 ), yet I loved going back in time and seeing the city before the modern architecture.

City scape of modern Dubai

City scape of modern Dubai

As a matter of fact, I wanted to spend a day in the old Dubai, exploring the souks.So in my four day trip to Dubai I made sure I spent my third day driving to Jumeirah (new Dubai) via Sheikh zayed road and the fourth day to explore the old Dubai.I am glad I planned this way, because I have something to write on my blog now :p


Souk-Spice market


Sheikh zayed rd (pic taken by me)

So enroute to Jumeirah, new Dubai was amazing. I would say pretty much like Manhattan.Further driving we saw the beach and there was the magnificent Burj al Arab hotel. Standing tall, with its porch welcoming  with the local flags . Watching this building from an aerial view was a dream come true. Amazing modern roads with beach view, blues everywhere,bustling tourists, it was a pleasure to the watch.    burj Al arab

Next day was to tour around the old Dubai.I walked into the narrow streets of the souk, first was the Irani spice market and then the gold market. Apart from the variety of spices I also found various handmade articles. Not to forget no where else I have seen gold being sold in streets. One can see pure Arab culture blossoming. This was the epitome of culture, community, society and tradition.

After a pleasant walk in the souk, I saw a dock, and next to it was a small wooden boat, which helps the locals to commute to the other side of the creek. By the time I took the boat it was night and the weather was splendid. With few local men and some tourists i crossed the creek. The water magnifying and glamorizing the old traditional mosques and buildings of Dubai.


This made me think , at first people would have opposed to the change, when they planned for new Dubai with modern architecture and technology. Maybe they were excited but today I could see both (old & new) breathing in the same city.How naturally people blend with change.

But I still haven’t figured out,which is the heart of Dubai?


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