Jack of all trade but master of none

My sister who is a doctor was always sure, she would grow up to be a doctor right from my mom’s womb. Call it a coincidence but her name in Arabic means “Cure”, hence my dad would always brag that she was destined to be a doctor.

Me? What about me? As a kid, I was the tallest in my class, so I decided to grow up to be a model. But later, when I joined swimming classes, I realized I could be a swimmer.

I finished high school with majors in commerce  and computer science. I can still remember, cell phones were a new commodity in the market and pretty soon I owned one. Also while my friends would walk to a cyber cafe to browse and email, I was a proud owner of a Compaq-PC. Fancied by all the gadgets around, I became a degree holder in computer science. Ideally I should have gone to law school, but due to personal circumstances I couldn’t.

I come from a family of successful business men.Hence I wanted to follow my dad’s footsteps and be an entrepreneur, this way I could be the first business woman in my family. With this plan I finished my masters in business management.If business was buying and selling, I wanted to make my own handbags and sell. The only bit of femininity I carried was seen in my collection of handbags.

But to make handbags, one should know how…So I made up my mind to learn sewing and designing. I can always say this, this was one of the best times of my life, as it thought me the fundamental of life. Every human is unique, every one has different thoughts, values , beliefs and ideas. Don’t Judge! Because everything around you, is a piece of art.

At this time, life took a turn and I was offered a good job at an MNC and I was employed as a programmer for three years. Call it fate or luck, I had to quit work for personal reasons.However all this while I had continued my bag making/sewing as a hobby.

Disappointed with the entire turnover of my life, I suddenly had an urge to write. Hence, here I am writing and blogging. But what am I?


4 thoughts on “Jack of all trade but master of none

  1. I guess your sister was pretty lucky that she knew what she wanted to become. I totally relate to you. Even I have faced this kinda phase in my life.correction..facing this phase still..so its good if you are inclined to writing now..enjoy it till you find something else..! 🙂

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  2. What are you? I would say you are a writer and a life-long learner! Great post! As someone who also took a circuitous post to writing I can appreciate your question. I now make my living through words and have never been happier!

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