How oraganized are you?

Yesterday I came across a photo in FB, where a lady posted a picture of her room. Well by room I mean work area. Irrespective of what profession I take up, it looked just like my dream room (extremely organized). She is a quilter, who has a machine, and next to it was her cutting board, just across, all her tools were arranged neatly.She had a small walking wardrobe for her stash of fabrics, which again was arranged according to the colors. Oh.. not to forget, a beam of sunlight falling right across her work area from a large glass window.

Well I did elaborate her room, but did I mention about mine? Roll up your sleeve here comes my work area.I have a study table in the shape of an ‘L’ , so half my table is facing the window. Well this is the place I love the most. My laptop rests here, as I love to watch over the window and write 🙂 on the larger area I have my cutting board with a sewing machine. That’s not it, all my sewing tools  along with all items that I am unable to find, I am sure to find it in my L-table. This has become a part of my daily chores. Trash them, then arrange them.sigh…

I have always thought, why can’t I plan ahead and organize my room. But is it important to organize? Is it worth the time and effort?

With day-day inventions and newer products coming in market, we are prone to buy goods which is an addition.These items are not our necessity, yet we have grown used to them. Having everything arranged means, reducing stress of hunting and anxiety for tiding. Best way to organize is buy less, so there is less to sort from. Also what is not required can be given up or thrown away. When the pile reduces, it becomes easier to look. By doing this, we know where to find anything.Hence your mind becomes clear and crisp.Most important you save time by not cleaning up trash and re-arranging them.

Ironically,the same implies in life! We want to be everything. Everything is a huge pile!We must filter our priorities and live in the moment. We must sort out our plans and goals, throw the unnecessary one’s and be more focused. We can’t wake up every morning to run a marathon, only to catch whatever we get in hand. This way we only lose and start again and again. Reduce the loads and bags of stress that  we carry each day by organizing needs, wants,likes and dis-likes. This way, one will for sure find, life simpler and calm.


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