The dual me..

I found it very weird that for hours, I kept pondering what my next subject for blogging would be. Then suddenly while watching my daily sitcom, I come across a character with dual personality. Sigh…How astonishing when our right and left brain decide to act differently, either one is right and the other is wrong.

But dual personality! Honestly don’t we all have two people living inside us? I have always been stuck with two minds,two opinions and sometimes two actions.

Excited vs Scared.

Every time my friends and I decide to do some mischief or have fun, I am all excited. I know it’s a one time experience, after all one should try new things.But then the next minute I am scared with 100 questions running on top of my head. Am I doing the right thing, what if I get into any trouble. What if I disappoint people? When the latter takes over, there is no more room for excitement.

Happy vs Worried

Once in a blue moon, I have my moment. I experience happiness and joy. Other me inside, starts worrying. After happiness there is only sadness. Life is an ECG.If you are up, you have to eventually come down. Mind races… What next? What next? What’s the worse that can happen? My moment of happiness is surely ruined.

Jealousy & Anger vs good

I still haven’t figured which comes first? Recently, my friend started avoiding me. At first I was upset. Later I was angry at her and myself, for some reason. I hoped she felt the same. But I figured she was enjoying company with other friends and did not look upset. Suddenly the evil me woke up and prayed her happiness was taken away. I couldn’t stand her. Other side knew it was wrong, I prayed for forgiveness, as I only want my friend to be happy.

Nobody is perfect. We all have two personalities living inside, but what rationalizes us is “the balance” between them.We can’t live like a saint or die as a sinister.


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