Weekend Inspiration #1 -Exploring the vicinity

“Life is full of endless possibilities.
Explore your world.”
Lailah Gity Akita

 I love observing people and reading their minds. I do not know if I am right, but most of the time I guess I luck out reading what’s in their head.  Nevertheless I always wished I had acquired some power like Mel Gibson in the movie “What women want” this way I could read every itsy-bitsy thought running in people’s mind.
The start of anything in life is exploring. I Have promised myself that every possibility of exploring, will be utilized . For a start, I would say something as simple as a riding a Bicycle. This morning in my weekend spree, I took my pink cycle to explore the vicinity! As it’s a Sunday morning, I rode on an empty road which generally is crowded rest of the days. This helped me in looking and observing people around and not vehicles.
Now to the best part, what did I observe?
People in Bikes
Most funny experience was when I had to ride my cycle over a slope, it was tough and I was struggling but the people riding two-wheelers/ bike seem to rejoice the moment, to see me struggle as they sped to glory. 😀
People in Cars
To my surprise, my locality which is generally a bustling  and a loud area and honking of cars is common. But seeing me ride a cycle the car behind me stopped and waited till I moved. It was so kind of him to show patience. Now was this because it was a lazy Sunday morning, or was it because a young lady was on the cycle?
People walking
If I had to rank, it would be cars-1 bikes-2 cycle-3 walking-4.
Honestly when riding a cycle I feel powerless, no indicators, no roof, no speed to over take sigh… But the best way to feel content is to look for people in worse situation compared to you. While I was struggling with the cycle on the slope, I saw two middle-aged ladies. They saw me and I could hear them whisper “If I had a cycle I would have sped and climbed the slope easily”. Immediately, I looked up and thanked God, for letting me own a cycle 🙂
People sitting by/lazying
People of all age, young boys to old men, tired everyday working men to unemployed idling men. Standing or sitting near a tea stall for hours and enjoying the view. Me and my pink cycle was not normal view, I could say, they enjoyed every second wondering why I would wake up early on a Sunday and where possibly can I ride to?
A half-hour ride in my vicinity, and here I am with so many thoughts and opinions.Reading people’s mind and understanding their views. Every possible exploration gives us so many ideas and perception, so why not venture it?

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