A Social Life

One of the arguments I always have at home is on my social life.

Dad: Where are you going?

Me: Just meeting a few friends.

Dad: Friends? Who? Which Friends?

Me: I am sure, you don’t know them.

Dad: hmm… so what time can I expect you?

Me: Not sure, I shall text you, if I get late.

Dad: Late! What do you mean late? You seem to be doing this every time.

Me: WHAT????

Dad: Why do you always have to be roaming around?

Me: Always! I remember meeting these people last month.

Dad: Whatever I don’t like this! However, I want you back on time.

Now is it good or bad, if yes how much is good?

Studies have confirmed, socializing “exercises” the mind in the same way as reading and doing crosswords -University of Michigan.

In life everything has to be balanced. Too much of anything can be dangerous. Every human has to expose himself to people. Personally I like to move out of my place meet new people, talk to old friends. If I avoid this, I feel very depressed and sadden .We need a slight push to achieve, we need to fall to learn something, we need to feel happy to feel sadness. All this can be attained from our society and community. If it makes me feel anxious after meeting people, I also feel grateful for all that I posses. This helps in maintaining a steady and calm mind.

I have always felt, social life is important so why not meet people to do good. This way we meet people to do something purposeful and avoid unnecessary things which involve too much of expenses.

Reasons one should try socializing :

1.Help people

Meet and socialize to help one and another. Be there for a friend during his/her break-up. Or help a friend in motivating and inspiring during his rough time.

2.Share knowledge

When we share knowledge, it doesn’t reduce but it grows. Meet people to share knowledge on anything you posses. Help them in learning or teaching any skill. Join a class to learn something new.

3.Share and care

They say :”Happiness is doubled when you have your loved ones around” .

Be there for a friend on her birthday or marriage. You will meet her other friends, and this way your circle increases.Remember, it is easy to celebrate happiness together, but being there for someone during hard time, counts more.

4.Sports and group activities

When a child spends an hour in the sports field, he is not doing any mischief . Hence when we play sports our mind is focused on it that we don’t do or think of matters which are unnecessary. Best way to socialize is to join any sports team and play or join any group activity like a theater , yoga etc.This way you meet people with similar interest and you widen your horizon.

If people push you down, it is people who bring you up. So be around and be informed!



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