How long would you blame your parents?

If you  ask me, I say I am a wonderful daughter to my parents. But ask my parents, it may not be vice versa.

Being born in India to a Indian family, has had its own pros and cons. The chain goes like this- children (of all age) have to obey their parents.Their parents  have to please their elders at home. Elders have to follow the community guidelines and rule. If you are wondering that I am possibly a small town girl, well you are wrong. I come from one of the largest cities in India, however I cant stop to imagine, how terrorizing it would be to grow among such people in small towns.

As mentioned in my earlier post, I am a double degree holder who is smart and composed . Yet I live with my family like many other Indian girls, who don’t just live but have adhere to their parents decisions in their house. I have always pondered over this question “Parents give us wings, but they don’t let us to fly”. Why?

Right from the age of three, I have been one of the most ambitious student in my class. Parents, community, teachers, friends none had the ability to stop me from dreaming. But not always, life turns out the way you wanted. Hence I don’t expect my dreams to come true but I only hope they do 🙂

Struggling with world in competition is a battle for everyone, but struggling with your family over every decision of your life is another. I have and I always will try, even if it leads to failure. But getting an approval on every decision you take in your life, is frustrating. This frustration is taken out on our lovely parents, who just can’t figure out where they could have possibly gone wrong. Is it so difficult? You have to let your grown-up kids live their life, their way.If you can’t encourage them, do not Discourage them! Parents in my community, resort to emotional black mail upon their kids, by portraying the negative outcomes and harsh consequence from the society, this way the child is crippled, now he can’t run. Problem solved!

Ideally every failure of a child directly revolves around the parent, family, society. I have a lot of friends who have complained. I studied engineering because “pressure from parents to do so” . I wanted to be cricketer but parents never allowed. I wanted to start a gaming business, but my parents were horrified with this idea.

Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.

I always tell this to myself, blaming my parents should come with an expiry date. I hope to stop blaming them someday and move ahead in life . With my head full of dreams, trying to achieve as much as possible.


3 thoughts on “How long would you blame your parents?

  1. You would say you are talking about a general issue millenia, x, y generation deals with. The conception of they strive to give you the best they can but as long as you do whatever they think its best for you. I am not a parent yet but ive been in the situation when i chose to make my parents happy instead of doing smth i wanted. Didn’t seem so much at that time, i was just glad i could do it. But you get to a point in life where its your happiness or theirs. When major life decisions come into play you have to stand up and speak you truth and have a voice. They have to stop projecting their needs and visions on to the child who has to comply with all sorts of societal, educational, family or some other irrational standards. This is a never ending topic.And you are right! From the moment you become completely aware of yourself, your voice and your power its time to stop blaming the parents. They are doing their best from the position they are in. If they knew better i m sure they would do it. If they chose not to, they will have a difficult relationship with their kids, or even non existant. So sprea your wings and fly high! 🙂

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      • Of course not! Whatever is lost, is lost. Its up to us to create other opportunities, be rezilient and move fwd. Remaining in this victim energy will only attract more of the same.

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