My pull apart garlic rolls!

It was 8 months back when I said bye to my colleagues and walked into a new life, which I did not want. I had no clue, what was next. It seemed liked I am back to square one, something which I did not want to do in the first place. I had to do this due to family pressure. I hated everyone around because they all had a life. They all were scheduled tightly for the day and were busy with their routine.But me.. My life had become depressing, I had nothing to do full day. I know I can do so much in life, I have the urge, the passion, the energy, the challenge but it felt like I was left with a barren ground. If I could make use of the land “good for me” else too bad “I lost my chance”. This is what they call anxiety. ‘Empty mind is devils workshop’ that’s so true. Its a room for all the wrong and useless thoughts to settle in. At this stage Help was what was needed, and only person anyone can ask, is yourself!

My Google search:

I spent days googling, to see what’s best for me.My key search would be “How to kill time”. I realized either I had to figure out a way to kill time or it would kill me of boredom. Time and again, I searched. I asked friends for opinions. Some of their ideas were as follows:

1. Why don’t you study something?

Duh study something…..After studying for 20 years, I finally wanted to do something.Now you are asking me to study again?

2. Why don’t you join gym!

Honestly…?? Time spent on gym is time spent well?

3. You should meditate or pray, that will relax your mind.

Omg! Can somebody meditate for 24hrs?

4.You should start doing household chores with your mom.

Well mom, is to busy herself! So helping her, is out of question.

Just at this time, I came across this ‘ if you want to do something, do something for others.’ This brings joy to them and you, thus giving you a peaceful sleep. So I went looking for organizations and people who I can help. But I had no idea how I can help them. After a point I realized, I am  not too much of an activist or a social worker. I was again back to where I started, this time with more negative thoughts dwelling.

To see me lose it everyday, was not easy for my family either. A part of me still blames them, yet they are the only people I have for “Family”. So one day I though let me make them happy. After all “Charity begins at home”. So I decided to make something for them. Voila, I made them a pull apart garlic bread. Since then this has been one of my favorite recipe, and I would like to share it with you all.

Pull Apart Garlic Bread:

Sieve one cup of wheat flour and 1/2 cup of all purpose flour in a bowl and add 1/2 teaspoon salt.

Now add one tablespoon sugar , one teaspoon gluten powder and 1 teaspoon active yeast. The sugar is added to help the yeast feed, so it can grow.

It’s time to add the wet ingredients, add 1/2 cup warm milk  and 3 tablespoon oil/butter.

Mix the batter, till it forms a dough.

*If your dough is too dry, keep adding some water. On the other hand if you find your dough liquid adjust by adding some flour.

Once all the ingredients are mixed, start kneading the dough for about 10 mints. Then leave it to rest in a warm place for 2 hours.

Be patient 🙂

You will be surprised to see your dough doubled in size. Take a dough and add 2 to 3 teaspoon finely chopped garlic and knead for a minute.

Using a rolling pin, make a thin square of the dough.

For the filling, take 2 tablespoon of butter and little olive oil. Add some chopped garlic and other herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil and salt. My favorite is Basil!

Now roll the square dough and cut into slices, they should look like a swiss roll sliced. Turn the slices, so that the cut sides with the butter are facing you. Leave it to rest for an hour or two, till they double in size. Didn’t I say, one has to work patiently.

(After two hours)Finally its time to go in the oven, 175 C degree for 20 minutes, till they are golden.


Why is this my favorite recipe?

I love baking breads because it can be turned into a sweet or a savory. The entire process requires patience, you need to focus and add exact quantity of ingredients. If anything is added more or less, it can become a runny batter or a hard dough. Once the dough is ready, it has to be kneaded. This my friends is a good exercise to remove all your frustration. 😀 punch and knead the dough till you sure the dough feels like a baby’s bottom. Irony, the more you knead the softer and better it becomes. Then leave it aside, so the yeast will help to double in size.

Isn’t this amazing? Doesn’t life work on same principles? We need to be focused and clear in life. Life throws punches, yet we survive and become better and better till we are experienced and wise.




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