Weekend Inspiration#3 – What time do you wake up?

Early to bed and early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. -Benjamin Franklin

Research has always proven that people who wake up early are smarter and brisker. The most invigorating and splendid time are the early hours from dawn.Waking up to see the sun rise, birds chirping, no sound of traffic, dwell in a noiseless and a peaceful surrounding. So are you a morning person?

Well I wasn’t, I still remember the days when my dad would fly to another city for work and get back by noon. On the other side, I would just get out of my bed. Going to bed late, after watching a movie every evening, calling up friends, chatting in yahoo messenger has become a routine. It was always late to bed and late to rise. At this phase, I was struggling with weight problems. Gym had become a part of my daily schedule in the evenings.

It was during my pilgrimage that I had to wake up early and walk a bit to reach my destination. A week, and I had lost kilos. I looked slim, fresh and active. Yet, I couldn’t change. I was back home and was back to my old schedule. I got another chance, I tried to play football for my college team and I had to report at 5.30 am sharp for training. The first few days, we were jogging to build stamina and guess what I had lost few kilos easily looking fresh and active. Hitting a gym everyday was helping me, but the effect was taking long since I was an evening person. But when I started waking up early and included simple exercises in the routine, the result was quicker.

Finally as days passed, my job called me to wake up early and travel everyday. Call it fate or Karma, after being a night person for my entire life, it was a challenge. My job changed me and my routine totally!  Occasionally, I would wake up before dad. I could say, they certainly were very happy. I understood, why they say, ‘leave it to time’. Waking up early has helped me balance my schedule, mind , and body(weight). Once you get into the cycle of waking up early, you want to repeat it.

I am a religious person and I was always taught, that prayer at early morning (dawn) is very important. This is good for our brain. I would always recommend waking up early and trying few activities to have a good day. These are part of my routine :

1. Wake up to pray and be thankful to god.

2.Make a good Tea/Coffee, to make you feel fresh.

3. Read the newspaper.

4. yoga in weekdays and cycle/swimming in the weekends.

5. Love sitting in the balcony when it rains.

6. Watch the cats or feed them.

I have quit work now, but I continue to wake up early. Not everyday I start with exercise but I sure love to wake up and start typing in my laptop, to blog here!


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