The critic ‘ME’

For a long time now I have been wanting to be a “Critic”. Just thought why not review and share my opinion on something trending. That’s when I decided to write about “Let it Go- Frozen” . Isn’t that an awesome song? I wake up in the morning and think about the song, I sleep at night after reading its lyrics. But when I started with my piece of research I came through this “Your article shouldn’t be sounding redundant because you’re making the same points that everyone else has already made (oh, you think “Let It Go” is the best song on the Frozen soundtrack? Get in line)”. So I knew the answer, this song is not only in my repeat list but every ones!

I tried to convince myself not to continue on this, may be its too late to write about it. But believe me, I wouldn’t have been in peace with myself had I not written this article. Kindly bear with me! I have finally realized, that one has to do what they really want to do, even if it makes little sense.

Somebody once asked me, when do you know you are in love.I replied: When all the poems and songs start to make sense, you have your answer.

On the contrary, this song reflects to people who are stuck up at some point in their life and are unable to move on. Although it might sound rhetorical, trust me a light doze again and again to remind you to “Turn away and slam the door” can work wonders 🙂 I believe everybody has their share of sadness at some point of time in life which helps them understand their surroundings better and connect with people.But what’s important is to come out and test your limits. A time when you are vulnerable, is the best time to attempt something new and try. This will help gain that self-esteem you have lost and you can start loving yourself once again. If you are smart, you will love yourself for having attempted, not bothering about the consequence.

Easier said than done,”I’m never going back, the past is in the past”. When something goes wrong, we figure out how to gather ourselves and fight back. Damage once done, we are on the heels. But its best to leave the past behind and try to achieve better, because the mind unconsciously prepares us for the worst. As much as we feel the pain, the heart grows with it.

Tomorrow is a mystery, today is a present but past is past. So “Let it go”


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