You can never be alone!

I am a passionate sewer, who loves to try different projects. I never go back and repeat the same project. I love perfection and I expect things to be perfect in the first shot. Some of you may say this is unrealistic or I am being hard on myself.

Recently I was working on a quilting project for the first time and my blocks were not aligned 😦 . Disappointed, I thought let me get others opinion. When I approached my family, well my mom said ‘it’s awesome’ of course, she had to say that, she can’t break my heart. Next I showed it to my sisters, now they were honest; more like rude. Even though I had my one syllable answer, I needed an appropriate feedback. A click, and the picture was in my facebook page, shared with people of similar interest. This is a random group of people across the globe, who I have never met.

In about 5 mints my post was flooded with comments. Some from experts, some from beginners like me, some from sweet people who commented ‘irrespective of how it is, it’s your work, filled with love and passion’. Few critics suggested I change the pattern or placements while few shared their experiences.

For almost a day my phone kept beeping, I was baffled to see the amount of interest people took at my unfinished and raw work which was hardly appealing. I figured, it was because these people had been in the same situation or feelt the same. Hope and motivation along with guidance is what is needed to someone who loses track. To my surprise, people who I do not know, whom never seen them, who I may never know in life, came forward. All I had to do was take a step!

Normally when I don’t feel good about my work, I like to throw it and start new. But after reading comments from these unknown people I realized the beauty is finishing the work, you started. Even though it might be the first and the last time I am doing it, but I am doing it. Its is a work of labor not a machine. Somehow I was motivated and I continued quilting. I still haven’t finished it, as I took a break to write this 🙂 but I will put my heart and try to finish what I started.





2 thoughts on “You can never be alone!

  1. This post is one that I have pondered on more than one occasion. I cannot say I have clear resolution and definitely not always the peace I sought but I did come to a few thoughts as to why this brings so much “pain”. 1st: We do put our hearts into our quilts with a vision as to its final appearance….anything short of this hurts. 2nd: it may be a case of “I thought I learned to avoid that (whatever) long ago……mad at self for FTL (Failure to Learn). 3rd: Not willing to present a finish that is “less than” for fear of——what? What others may think of our skills? I suspect that I feel a bit of all of the above but do remind myself that a shift in mindset to: finish the quilt and send it off to be a quilty ‘hug’ for someone who needs just such is a VERY worthwhile goal and one to be applauded for its lesson in following through on something that has been started.
    Christmas Blessings to you and wishes for a Joy-filled New Year. You are, indeed, not alone… empty words here—-we’ve all been there!!! Hugs……Doreen


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