Weekend Inspiration – Month of Gifts

December a month of ‘gift’, may be that’s why it is so special to me and to most of us. If I say, I have received a lot of gifts then I have also gifted many. Purchasing a gift can be a tedious task, considering the person, taste, choice etc. However to me gift means something made for you “with love”. I love sewing and making things for my loved ones. The best gift I received is a crochet bag. I also received a chocolate cake baked for me as I love chocolate. This act of giving and receiving is what bonds us with our near and dear ones.

I say “Life” is a gift, God gave us. Every time I say “gift” a smile pops on  my face. When I gifted a 7 yr old a gift, wrapped neatly with a bow, she jumped with excitement, besides not knowing what was inside. I always wondered what creates the excitement. Is it a wrapped box filled with filled suspense, of what possible can be inside or is it the fact that someone has thought of you and brought something for you.

A gift is not something physical:

This being a holiday week, I wanted to write something about Gifts and their meaning. The best way to bring a smile on someone is to give a gift. A gift does not have to be a “product” every time.  Meaning; My friend’s mom hated his hair cut, as he had long uncut hair. One morning, he made tea for his mom and stood at her bedside, only to see her smile when she wakes up. He had trimmed his hair, that day.

Everybody loves gifts, there is no age limit for gifting.

We are bound to live in a society amongst people. We share a bond with them, where we portray love, anger, hatred, friendship, need , respect. guilt/sorry. One of the best ways to express any feeling, is by gifting. What you gift, speaks a lot about your concern, love and interest in the other person. Money does not buy love hence what gift you give does not matter. What matters is your thought to gift, which makes people reciprocate their feeling by gifting you in return or by showing gratitude. Because “The best gift comes from heart not the store.”

Who knows, tomorrow when you open your front door, you might find a big fat box wrapped with a bow, sitting on your porch. In life “give” and “take”. But only give without expecting to take back!

So have you received any gift which you loved the most, and it is very special to you?? If so, share about your gift and why it means so much to you 🙂


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