My last day of twenty fourteen

The last day of 2014, the 31st Dec.

It seems like just yesterday when I was worried and panicking about commitments, weddings, relationship. The day started and I got dressed to meet my friends for a brunch, the start of my new year(2014). Later I had everything falling apart. The way I had imagined my life, wasn’t one in reality.

Good or bad I was in my comfort zone, going with the flow of life. Wake up early morning, take a cab to work, spend the day with friends and colleagues working or playing foose ball at office. Until a day when I quit work due to family pressure and realized I have nothing to do. Relationships were a failure and sadness took a toll.

All I wanted, was to fly away….If only, I could. I do feel like a bird but a bird with no wings. Friends and family reasoned and argued their views and points. Each day my heart sank to see my dreams fall apart.

It was this year, the 2014 when I felt my world changed. I hit hard on the ground with reality and pain.Day’s and night’s I wept, screamed and fought with God. Until one day, I woke to realize why not…

So I decided to learn and do something I always craved, to organize myself and to throw away all the waste. I joined french classes, brought my sewing machine. And most important I decided to start “writing” thus my blog “”. I have learned life the hard way. Rejections and failures are winds which can hit you hard. Yet we test ourselves and know our limits.I learned to love myself more and more each day. When your hands are tied there is no right or wrong way, we do our part and rest is left on God. “Let it go” hit my playlist and helped me grow strong while books like ‘I am Malala’ and series of ‘House M.D’ let me move on. I know this loud and clear, that when life throws lemon; make lemonade. I have made new friends and spent time with old ones. I try my best not to procrastinate because it is now I know, one has to grab opportunities when it knocks your door.

When I close my eyes I feel glad you are going because I can only remember the sorrows and pain you gave. You took away my love, my job and even few friends. People say theirs was a roller coaster ride, I felt I was in a slide.

But you have also taught me to be grateful, hence I recall, you taught me to

1. Fear and worry less

2. Leave the past behind.

3. Be done, being that good girl.

4. Value the people who care and love , instead of running behind people who aren’t worth for.

5. Finally cook and bake. I can now make my own tea!

6. pursue my passion of sewing

7. Show patience and have faith.

8. speak more than ‘Bonjour, comment cava? ‘

9. Love myself and expect the best.

10 Finally brought me to the wonderful world of writing, which I love the most.

Hence I finally say ‘bon adieu’  2014. I am hereby welcoming 2015 with a smile and a new haircut which I just got. I now have bangs, which I always wanted. Hoping a new look and a new spirit can change the coming year and the years to come. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.


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