Better late than to not have a HOLIDAY…

Everybody is returning from their holidays but here I’m looking forward for mine. We all love December since it’s vacation time,unfortunately this December wasn’t a holiday time for me and my family. So we have decided to holiday in the first week of January. Voila, I am travelling tomorrow.

At first I was a little irritated, ‘why are we going in January and not in December when everybody is done holidaying’. But then, I am glad that finally we are going on a holiday. I say holiday is a must, it clears your mind and thoughts, gives you more time for yourself and with your loved ones. Having a regular schedule is smart but taking a break from your regular schedule once in a while is a ‘to do’.

Irrespective of which month you are travelling, the thrill in planning and researching is always the same. So here I am, packing my bags and getting ready for a fun and adventurous trip.

Stay tuned to know where I am holidaying….
Also I would love to know where did you all travel this holiday?


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