Admist the fog

Day 1 of my trip:  From south to north of India

There is an old Yiddish proverb, “Men tracht und Gott lacht” (Men plan and god laughs). Well, this stands true on the first day of vacation :/. My day started at 4.30 in the morning, rushed for my douche, quickly got done with my last minute packing and locked my house after sending a goodbye SMS to my dear ones. I finally reached the airport and everything seemed perfect. A perfect start does not mean a perfect end.

I boarded my flight at 6am IST and awaited for the flight to take-off. It was a rare and an unexpected day at Chennai, where flights were delayed due to fog. The visibility was recorded very low, between 50-100 while the requirement was 300. Hence we were requested to wait until the required visibility was obtained and flights were allowed to take off.

After 2 hours of waiting inside the aircraft, my flight which was 13th in the wait list, finally got the signal. We were now flying to India’s capital ‘Delhi’. I was thrilled and excited as my vacation had commenced. I stepped foot in Delhi airport at 12.15 pm, only to find out we were late 😦 The transfer and transit department directed us to the airline for another flight but in vain. As there was only one flight flying to my holiday destination. My flight had left, leaving me behind with a heavy heart.

It was the first day of my vacation and I had missed my flight. I was hungry, tried and I wanted to start my holidays. Holiday’s are all about relaxing but why isn’t mine? No matter what I tried, God had already planned my vacation. We spent approximately 3hrs 30mint in Delhi airport battling with God’s plan. Finally we gave up and decided, if God wants this, so be it! Let’s enjoy with what we have.

The moment, when we accepted and prepared ourselves to face the reality, God smiled. It came to our surprise, that the airline had taken responsibility for our inconvenience and provided accommodation with a free cab ride to and fro from the airport for a day. I never expected to holiday in Delhi, but my vacation had commenced and I promised to enjoy with whatever I have.

This was the start of my unexpected holiday adventure. Stay tuned to know where I holidayed…

Have you got a similar story, which you would like to share with us? Kindly share your experience.


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