Paradise in Earth?

Day two: Excitement..

When the Sun rose, I was already up in my Delhi hotel.  I quickly got ready and wore my warmest clothes as I was going further north. I packed my bags, had my morning tea with breakfast which was part of the hotel, the airline had provided.It was a chilly Monday morning and we were set to go.However the traffic in India’s capital city,-Delhi was the second hurdle between me and my vacation.

My journey of 45 minutes came to an end when i reached “Paradise”. Paradise, yes I stepped foot in Kashmir.I am not sure if it is a paradise on earth but I certainly know that it is a piece of paradise in India. The last fifteen minutes, I spent viewing the magnificent and mighty Himalayas from my plane.Shades of blue and white were a pleasure to my eyes. When I landed in Srinagar (capital of Kashmir), the airport was a small area unlike airport in Delhi. People seemed calm and relaxed, while the weather recorded around 4 degree. Srinagar is not my holiday destination, so I hopped into a cab and took a ride further north for another hour and a half,  till I reached a hill station and a small town known as “Gulmarg” (Meadow of Flowers). Love at first sight, it’s now I understood what the phrase means. Unfortunately snow was delayed this year and the town wasn’t at its best. If what I saw wasn’t complete beauty, then what was? Sigh..IMG_20150110_140118

Well I landed in winter but if it had been during summer, I would have seen all the beautiful flowers blossoming. If you are in Kashmir during autumn you will find Apples everywhere and waters gushing during spring, what do I say….Beauty all around the year.

Stay tuned to know more about my holiday in Gulmarg and to see the beauty.


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