If I had a reset button…

We break our bones, it hurts but of course we can pop a pill and the pain is gone. We have a problem, we solve it or either run away from it and it’s gone. But damn…heart breaks no matter what pill I pop, what drink I have and no matter where I run. It’s the same and it just doesn’t go.

I am sure everyone reading this, has gone through this pain at least once in their life.Sometimes the simplest thing can cause heart aches and heart breaks like moving to another city (leaving behind your loved ones), relationship failure, divorce of your parents, one sided love, rejection in love,work and career or any other failure. We never realize the worth of anything until it has been taken away from us. None of us have liked it but we can’t neglect the fact that these heart breaks have changed us for good, made us a stronger person.Wounds heal but they definitely leave a mark.

I have for a long time now, tried to remove the marks and pray every day that I don’t add any more marks by falling hard again. Thus I have always wondered what if there was a reset button for my heart. That way, I won’t fear falling again and there is no mark to worry about.They say time heals which is true but marks don’t.So if I had to reset my heart, I would press that and start life my way,the following way.

1. I would have grown as an ambitious child,I would be focused from the start and not waste time searching for the right profession(FYI, I still haven’t figured).

2.I would never really get attached to people because I have learned it the hard way. We only meet people to depart.

3. Spend more time with my loved ones, with people who love me than grabbing the attention of people who mean nothing.

4. Don’t fall for anyone until he/she is willing to spend their life with you.It’s best when the other party asks first.Wait… It is not necessary, being first will give you success. Sometimes it’s best to wait.

5. I will not believe in “It’s meant to be” unless tragedy or incident pushes me to. Always exercise my choice.

6. Decide……be strong…. Do not be in two minds.

7.Live the way I always wanted to.. Fearless, no curfews, no manners keep my mind free and liberal.

8.Just be smart all  the time,do listen to your heart but do not neglect your brain!!!

9. I will be truthful to myself and accept myself with all the cons, yet feel proud of who I am.

10.Avoid a situation were I have to return and wish if only I had done it…..

Please do share your views, and let me know what is that one thing you will do if you could reset your heart.


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