This is my Goal…

I am a very ambitious person whose motive in life has always been to achieve. But irrespective of my dreams and passion, I simply feel I am lost. Every time I look at my sister I feel, wow she knew what she wanted and she is working towards it. On the other hand I am 26 yrs old and I am still trying to find myself and my interests. I have come a long way in life through all the struggles and turmoils in life. I have had my good days and bad ones too.

In my conquest, I have tried new things and hope to do the same in future with a motive to always try… Never turn back and regret. Something I learned recently and I am glad about it. Because it’s better late than never.

I bumped into wordpress and started writing.

To a lot of them, I am a simple young girl who has lots to see in the future. But when I look at myself I think I am wise enough to face my future, to fight with all my zeal and to break all the barriers that stand my way. After all, experience and knowledge makes us stronger.

At this time you may find my writings with a positive attitude, trust me when I say this, I wasn’t a positive and energetic person as I am sounding right now. Let down with misery and heart break, all I wanted was my life to end. But slowly I started to put myself together and learnt it the hard way, that when life throws lemon, grab it with a smile and make lemonades and drink. If you are smart enough, make plenty and sell.

My friends have always come to me with their issues and problems. They always felt, I am a sensible person to talk to. Seriously???? Well the irony is I give my friends the best solutions but when I have to face the situation, I somehow don’t seem to relate to these solutions. My mind would not accept them. It took a lot of time for me to learn β€œHow to let go” I still haven’t mastered it 😦 Yes this is one of my Goals.

What brings me to this blog?

In my quest to find myself, I decided to write. Write about my life, my feelings, emotions, my happiness, moments of sadness. I have often mentioned in my blog, life is an ECG with up’s and down’s. This is what binds us together, as we all have similar thoughts and feelings at some point of time in our lives. When I am low, I love to read about others and the way they handle the situation. Sometimes it’s the same rhetorical line: forget it! It was in the past..Move on! Of course I know those lines but when someone is around me to remind me of them, I feel better. Hence my blog.

I have been there and I have done it too. My goal is to bring the positive attitude to all my readers and share the beauty of life. Everybody has there set of happiness and problems. But it feels nice, when we know someone is there with similar issues and we share our thoughts and discuss. I would love to see more followers and everyone participating in my blog and share their moments of happiness and struggles.As sharing your happiness with others helps multiply while sharing your sorrows makes one feel stronger.


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