Should I not expect?

I was asked to follow my stats by my blogging group.So I decided to go back and view my older posts. This surprised me, as the most viewed article of mine was This was my first few attempts in writing poetry. I believe, to do something, one has to start somewhere.

In my life I have tasted success only a few times but my attempts of trial have been more. Most off the things I love to do, was not apt at the moment or I was as usual bound by my family and society. I know they say, nothing stands your way when you want something badly but that’s definitely not true. My dreams have always been at one side and my life on another.It has always been either take or give.

But hey it’s me, I am not giving up so soon. I will have them all sometime in the future .Around all these, I have developed a certain lifestyle and behavior. Here, I always wonder if my expectations are high?People say I am one unhappy person. Having your own likes and dislikes is wrong? I wonder if they say this to help me realize that when my expectations are not met, I might be be disappointed. Let me state a small example here. I came across word press and I started writing/blogging. Today I enjoy doing it. But I hope somebody, my blog will be one of the most famous blog about  self help with more than 1000 followers. I am expecting something from my writing, this pushes me to write everyday. Who doesn’t want fame, glory and money?

While researching on this I came across this quote “Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”  [Alexander Pope – Letter to Fortescue]

Can one blindly work on something without expecting to gain anything from it? Recently I have been watching Sex and the City series and the character of Carrie Bradshaw interests me. Even though she is strong and independent, she is vulnerable to a lot of outside factors. But like me, she is adamant and strong headed when it comes to choosing her partner. She expects certain qualities in her partner and does not hesitate to wait even though her time is running out.

I believe that if something is meant for me no matter how, it will find it’s way leading to me.And if something wasn’t meant for me no matter how much I run behind it, it will fly away. One can expect but to an extent that it motivates you and bring the positive in you. The moment you become desperate,let down and needy, it’s time to let go.

So yes, I am going to continue expecting, let be my career on writing, blogging, sewing and others. Or it could be as simple as finding the right life partner.I am a smart independent woman with a taste and class, hence it is my right to expect certain qualities and attitude in my life partner. You may call me choosy but honestly I live each day with a hope that one day I will find them all.


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