Language is an art and only few are gifted.

It recently dawned upon me that may be I am not linguistic. I have been trying my best to learn french but when I speak french, I sound English and when I try writing more than four words in a sentence,it has only has been a nightmare. I tell myself ” Tu ne inquiétes pas”. But everyday in my french class, I have to battle with french words. As much as I love learning the language I feel I am far behind my classmates. I haven’t quite understood, if I am a slow learner or few of my classmates are gifted.

Ironically, my father is quite a linguist who knows around 6 languages, I always hoped maybe it was passed along to me as heredity. If only, it can be passed. Of all the languages why I chose french is a different topic but since I started I want to master it.But I have friends in class who not only speak and write french but they also think. One of my classmate, can argue or start a debate in French. On the other side, I have to think to form a sentence. First in English to understand then conjugate the french verbs  and then I speak it out. This is a hurdle when I have to write or speak. But understanding when others speak, is a whole new level. At the end of the day, I am disappointed with myself.

I have set image on my head that any person who is linguistic is very sociable. Is this true?

I met an old colleague of mine, a shy girl, who goes to office works for 8 hours and has very little conversation with people around. To my surprise, she was an intermediate Spanish student. Upon requests, she would teach and tutor other students. I was taken aback when I heard this. I am not being judgmental but a person who is an introvert, disinterested in most of the affairs at work, she is doing so well in a language. That’s when I thought maybe it is a talent or a gift she posses, she can grasp languages easily.

Since I am struggling so much in my  french class, I am starting to believe may be I am not gifted with this art. Is it true that some people can grasp any language easily. While others like me, have to struggle and learn ? Do you agree?


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