Just another yesterday.

It has been really long since I wrote but believe me I hate to push myself into writing. Rather I enjoy writing when thoughts and ideas flourish my mind. So after a long time, there was something really nice that I felt. Nothing special, nothing different but it was just a yesterday.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am studying french. Since last month, I was occupied preparing for my french exams.I was taking up my DELF and my BILAN exam in French. After all the hardships, yesterday was the day which paid for all my efforts. It was the second last day of my level A2 in French, where the result was shared to the students.

I was worried but to my surprise, I was confident. Finally, the paper was distributed and I was happy. Not very happy because when I looked at few of my answers, I was taken aback. I knew the correct answers! Ofcourse this had to be a pronom, how did I miss that?  It was these silly errors that upset me more. I had missed out the ‘articles’ i.e le,la les…OMG!  With all the preparation and hardwork an error like this made my heart sink.

As this was our second last day and soon everyone will all be on their way. So my professor organized a game. She gave everyone a chit of paper with a classmate’s name written on it. She asked us to speak about them in french. After that person is done, everyone in class can contribute and talk about the same person. This way everybody gets a feedback on themselves.

And then it was my turn. The girl with my name chit started.”She is a friendly and joyful person who wears wonderful scarfs everyday. She loves designing and making handbag’s. She is creative, and cares for people who mean a lot to her.She may not credit herself with this, but it’s true!”

Next came the negatives, She is an intelligent person and she can reach sky but I feel she is very lazy and doesn’t push herself. Everybody second this, the professor said ” Yes, she is impulsive, wants to get done with things. Doesn’t care to re-check. Hence she makes all the errors.”

I learn’t so much about myself yesterday, few things which I never credited myself before with and few things I always erred without realization. It is wonderful to know, how people around you see you.I haven’t lost my confidence but I am consciously taking effort to not be impulsive and push myself whilst I do my chores at my pace 🙂


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