Where was I all these days?

I truly believe if you wish to do something; you will do it!

Firstly my apologise for not being regular. However I am back now. If asked about my absence for 3 months I would immediately respond with ” oh, I was busy” but now I am looking for a valid reason.Yes of course I was occupied and was left with no time but now I am wondering, if that is true ?

The greedy me:
Now this is well-known fact that man is greedy and wants more, after all the economist have their reasons.To begin with; on my path to finding myself, I started writing. I enjoyed it however I let time take the control and I moved with the flow.In the mean time I realised designing has been a long time hobby and I love designing handbags and sewing them, so why not start my own home based business. Well, that’s not all! I have mentioned earlier about my love for languages, hence I continue learning French and Voila now I can speak French 😀

How is my time split?
Well to start with; my day begins around 8 am in the morning, a constant struggle between me and my sleep which sure hasn’t changed over time. After my morning tea and newspaper, I make a dash to my French class. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s a special two hours class of only speaking French! After returning home, the tired me is busy with my new ventured business.
From the lessons learnt in life, I cannot compromise on my “me time”, hence the evenings are purely for me and my personal workouts 🙂

What I miss the most.
With all the rushing, I had always felt something missing. Something left behind. It was only a few days back , I realised, that I miss writing. My days felts incomplete, followed by months but every time I typed something, I would procrastinate. I simply hoped their was a device which could just write, what was in my head.

Hence today I decided, I am not going to feel empty anymore because writing is part of me and something what I like. So what if I have many interests and I am greedy, I will do whatever makes me happy and content. Therefore I am back and it feels home!


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