About Me..

I am a very ambitious person whose motive in life has always been to achieve. But irrespective of my dreams and passion, I simply feel I am lost.
In my quest to find myself, I decided to write. To write about my life, my feelings, emotions, my happiness, moments of sadness and the one thing I love the most Travel. Life is short so dream it, live it !But quite often we realize life is not a straight road, there are bumps and ditches, yet we have to walk our ways.

Every life has an ending but every life has it’s own story. Our stories have good and bad, ups and down, colors and greys. It is like an ECG. We share similar thoughts and feelings at some point of time in our lives.This is what binds us together.

Life has been a roller coaster ride to me as well. I have been there and I have done it too. I have made an attempt to capture all these moments in my blog ‘LIFE Cooking’ and pack them as a bundle of  life. I wish to shed some positive attitude to all my readers and share the beauty of life. I believe the most important creation of God is Human, hence I live with hope and love for life

Our mind can make our life hell or Heaven. So always remember : Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery but Today is a gift, that why it’s called ‘Present’. So live it, enjoy it, feel it and follow my blog 🙂



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