I am Back….


Where was I all these days?

I truly believe if you wish to do something; you will do it!

Firstly my apologise for not being regular. However I am back now. If asked about my absence for 3 months I would immediately respond with ” oh, I was busy” but now I am looking for a valid reason.Yes of course I was occupied and was left with no time but now I am wondering, if that is true ?

The greedy me:
Now this is well-known fact that man is greedy and wants more, after all the economist have their reasons.To begin with; on my path to finding myself, I started writing. I enjoyed it however I let time take the control and I moved with the flow.In the mean time I realised designing has been a long time hobby and I love designing handbags and sewing them, so why not start my own home based business. Well, that’s not all! I have mentioned earlier about my love for languages, hence I continue learning French and Voila now I can speak French 😀

How is my time split?
Well to start with; my day begins around 8 am in the morning, a constant struggle between me and my sleep which sure hasn’t changed over time. After my morning tea and newspaper, I make a dash to my French class. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s a special two hours class of only speaking French! After returning home, the tired me is busy with my new ventured business.
From the lessons learnt in life, I cannot compromise on my “me time”, hence the evenings are purely for me and my personal workouts 🙂

What I miss the most.
With all the rushing, I had always felt something missing. Something left behind. It was only a few days back , I realised, that I miss writing. My days felts incomplete, followed by months but every time I typed something, I would procrastinate. I simply hoped their was a device which could just write, what was in my head.

Hence today I decided, I am not going to feel empty anymore because writing is part of me and something what I like. So what if I have many interests and I am greedy, I will do whatever makes me happy and content. Therefore I am back and it feels home!

On your feet

Situation of my life:

I belong to a conservative family/ society were the actions of women are generally deemed by her father or brother. However I have grown to be an independent person with my own thoughts and opinions.My society believes that women are to be taken care of, hence she ought to enjoy what is earned by the men of her family. Since childhood I have been a passionate person wanting to seek knowledge and grow into a respectable woman. On the contrary women I know, love shopping, dressing up, whiling away time and enjoy cooking for their loved ones. I am of a strong belief, that time spent of cooking everyday is a waste of time.We do not live to eat, but the contrary. These women have looked at me as the odd one out because I would choose to struggle and put up with hurdles and do the exact opposite of what these women do. Majority of my time has gone by me arguing with my family about my interests and wants.I believe in what I do. Often, I think WHY?

What is expected?

Women are expected to be humble and compassionate. To be a loving daughter, sister, grand-daughter. Random families with similar or better status ask for the girls in marriage to their sons & grandsons. After a council, the men from the family decide and and she is wedded. It may sound depressing, trust me the girls enjoy the big fat lavish weddings, adorned with jewels and bright colors moving to a family which is similar or mostly better than her family in financial status. The girl is expected to be the happiest person, as she has just accomplished obtaining a good and smart groom.

After marriage, deemed by her husbands decisions and leaning on husband at very aspect of life. Men go out to work while women wait for them to return. Full day is spent in daily chores, cleaning, cooking.For generations this has been the trend.

Why Am I rejected?

My friends and family say :”Idiot, Why do have to do it? Sit back relax and enjoy”. If you step out and do what they do, you guys become equal. Oh no that is not right for a balanced family. Education always rises a persons abilities and earns respect.The girl should ideally be respected but it’s looked down at. It’s a nightmare if the girl is educated more than the guy. Since childhood I was always told one should do their own work. I am not sure why suddenly the rules have changed.

Well none of this has stopped me, I believe in what I do. Parents who agree cannot support, fearing rejection from society.Sometimes having your voice can become an issue. But stand on your own, never fear, people may accept you or they may not.But how can one live with themselves without self acceptance?


If old is gold what is new?

Its true, Time changes everything. Change is inevitable. It may be good or bad, people change, places change, things change. Time flies and humans blend in to adapt with the change. In my recent traveling to Dubai, I observed, the city has one of the best landscapes in the world.Dubai is one of the luxurious cities, I have been to ( I spotted a cayenne limo in the road 😀 ), yet I loved going back in time and seeing the city before the modern architecture.

City scape of modern Dubai

City scape of modern Dubai

As a matter of fact, I wanted to spend a day in the old Dubai, exploring the souks.So in my four day trip to Dubai I made sure I spent my third day driving to Jumeirah (new Dubai) via Sheikh zayed road and the fourth day to explore the old Dubai.I am glad I planned this way, because I have something to write on my blog now :p


Souk-Spice market


Sheikh zayed rd (pic taken by me)

So enroute to Jumeirah, new Dubai was amazing. I would say pretty much like Manhattan.Further driving we saw the beach and there was the magnificent Burj al Arab hotel. Standing tall, with its porch welcoming  with the local flags . Watching this building from an aerial view was a dream come true. Amazing modern roads with beach view, blues everywhere,bustling tourists, it was a pleasure to the watch.    burj Al arab

Next day was to tour around the old Dubai.I walked into the narrow streets of the souk, first was the Irani spice market and then the gold market. Apart from the variety of spices I also found various handmade articles. Not to forget no where else I have seen gold being sold in streets. One can see pure Arab culture blossoming. This was the epitome of culture, community, society and tradition.

After a pleasant walk in the souk, I saw a dock, and next to it was a small wooden boat, which helps the locals to commute to the other side of the creek. By the time I took the boat it was night and the weather was splendid. With few local men and some tourists i crossed the creek. The water magnifying and glamorizing the old traditional mosques and buildings of Dubai.


This made me think , at first people would have opposed to the change, when they planned for new Dubai with modern architecture and technology. Maybe they were excited but today I could see both (old & new) breathing in the same city.How naturally people blend with change.

But I still haven’t figured out,which is the heart of Dubai?