Discovered something about myself.

I am participating in writing 101 this month, however I have been one of those lazy members who is not disciplined and timely with my assignments. It was time for my evening jog after a lazy day at home as I didn’t have much to do. Right before leaving for my jog, I saw my daily prompt from group which said today I had to visit a coffee shop or a park and observe the surrounding and write without using any adverb. Hence I took it as an opportunity as I was anyway about to jog in a park.
The moment I left my house, I started wondering what exactly would I have to write. And how does one avoid adverbs. I live in the south and its always sunny here. And now that summer is beginning we are seeing some hot and warm days .It’s time to pick the brightest and yellowest managoes. Everything is bright and in shades of yellow, even the flowers blooming in the park. I began to ponder how would I use a phrase without an adverb. I looked up at the sky, It was a pleasant day unlike the summer days as it surprisingly had rained leaving behind a breezy and calm weather. The sun was golden and the sky looked pale with clouds covering like some golden dust. When I looked up the first sentence popped on my head was “The sun is shinning brightly in a rustic gold colour and the weather is very pleasant” OMG… I said brightly and very pleasant…grrrr so I tried again removing the adverbs and emphasising on the nouns.
No sooner my mind was filled with thoughts and visuals. I jog here everyday but most of the things go unnoticed, however today I was all ears and eyed every tiny thing I spotted. It had rained this morning hence I have the connoisseur for mud, ironically my iPod played “mitti di khushboo ayeyi” (smell of your land)a current bollywood pop song. With a smile, I ran few meters then realised the weather was too good to be wasted. Hence I walked, enjoying every step.
I noticed kids playing cricket with all enthusiasm and their parents watching them and enjoying. I turned to hear some laughter, it was the regular bing bang ladies, walking and jogging to shed some pounds while discussing their daily chores. A group of old retired men sat on the benches having a gala time, it was as if they were dressed to walk/jog but more time was spent discussing matters and arguing over drinks. One person I never fail to notice everyday, was in his usual, running. Running like a lighting bolt, he is the fastest, I have seen. What surprises me is doesn’t he get tired or thirsty ?
These observations were revolving on my head again and again. I wanted to run home and jot down immediately, I wished I had carried a paper and pen to write below the tree where yellow flowers had fallen. I guess I captured enough to write this today. Do let me know your opinion…:)


Admist the fog

Day 1 of my trip:  From south to north of India

There is an old Yiddish proverb, “Men tracht und Gott lacht” (Men plan and god laughs). Well, this stands true on the first day of vacation :/. My day started at 4.30 in the morning, rushed for my douche, quickly got done with my last minute packing and locked my house after sending a goodbye SMS to my dear ones. I finally reached the airport and everything seemed perfect. A perfect start does not mean a perfect end.

I boarded my flight at 6am IST and awaited for the flight to take-off. It was a rare and an unexpected day at Chennai, where flights were delayed due to fog. The visibility was recorded very low, between 50-100 while the requirement was 300. Hence we were requested to wait until the required visibility was obtained and flights were allowed to take off.

After 2 hours of waiting inside the aircraft, my flight which was 13th in the wait list, finally got the signal. We were now flying to India’s capital ‘Delhi’. I was thrilled and excited as my vacation had commenced. I stepped foot in Delhi airport at 12.15 pm, only to find out we were late 😦 The transfer and transit department directed us to the airline for another flight but in vain. As there was only one flight flying to my holiday destination. My flight had left, leaving me behind with a heavy heart.

It was the first day of my vacation and I had missed my flight. I was hungry, tried and I wanted to start my holidays. Holiday’s are all about relaxing but why isn’t mine? No matter what I tried, God had already planned my vacation. We spent approximately 3hrs 30mint in Delhi airport battling with God’s plan. Finally we gave up and decided, if God wants this, so be it! Let’s enjoy with what we have.

The moment, when we accepted and prepared ourselves to face the reality, God smiled. It came to our surprise, that the airline had taken responsibility for our inconvenience and provided accommodation with a free cab ride to and fro from the airport for a day. I never expected to holiday in Delhi, but my vacation had commenced and I promised to enjoy with whatever I have.

This was the start of my unexpected holiday adventure. Stay tuned to know where I holidayed…

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