Who influenced me…

I am sure most of you reading this blog are bloggers yourself or you simply enjoy writing. Hold back, think for a second why do you love writing or why did you start writing. Come on! There should be something that should have inspired you or someone who has motivated you. What’s your story?

Let me share mine.

I don’t catch cues in the first time. Everything in my life happens over a period of time. It all started when I was in college and we were asked to choose an elective course. I had my eyes on a media related course with accounting as my backup option(in case media was not available,seats get full). But its what god proposes, at the end which matters. I was late for my selection and hence I was given “journalism” as very few had chosen to study this.

To my suprise, this course brought the writer out of me. I enjoyed capturing my thoughts and story with words and painting them in my style. As a hobby, I had started writing articles on subjective topics occasionally. And slowly it reduced as I did not have an audience. It was 3 years later in my french class I met someone who inspired me to start writing and starting my own blog.:)

The same person has been my inspiration this year. Had I not met him, I wouldn’t have started this blog “cooking life”. And only I know how much I have grown with this blog and with all your opinions.

How I met him, well he was a classmate of mine in my French institute. His love for language and reading had let him take particular interest in french and it’s literature. He is a writer by profession and loves reading. The first time I had seen him, I remember he was busy with his kindle. After introduction and helloing we started having interesting conversations. Conversations turned into debates then arguments. We had lot of discussions, which we certainly enjoyed. One day,I told him how I was interested in writing and I wished to enroll on a course. From his experiences he suggested I start writing. “Writing is an art, it is hidden inside, you cannot be taught necessarily”, was what he had told me. I got back home signed up in wordpresss and from there my journey began as a blogger/writer.

What’s your story?